Out on the Town(s)

I actually got out of town.

Get Out of Dodge.

Someday Iā€™m going to visit Dodge. Just to leave.

It's summer time, conference time, festival time, get out of Dodge if you can time! It's been a lifetime since I had an actual summer vacation, as in, the whole summer off, but deep in my cells I still think that the long days mean I'm free

I kicked off my summer in Miami at the Citywrights conference run by City Theater, with Susi Westfall as our host for four days of panels, workshops, and theater-going. It was action-packed, great people showed up, the Florida scene was happening, and yes, THERE WAS A POOL ON THE ROOF of my hotel! Score!

Next trip is to Carrboro, North Carolina to see my short play WORK at The ArtsCenter 10 By 10 in the Triangle festival. I won't be making it to Kansas to see Redux in Independence (nor make that side-trip to Dodge), but I'll be there in spirit.

For those of you headed to the Dramatist Guild conference in La Jolla, PlayPenn in Philadelphia, the O'Neill in Connecticut, the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland, and on and on--break legs, smooth travels, and I wish I was right there with you! Bon voyage.