Mint. Condition.

Hit the Pause Button.

Refreshment. Cold water. Iced tea with lemon. A dip in the pool. A cool breeze. A cold beer. The sound of the ocean rolling onto the sand. It’s not too hard to think of ways to physically refresh. A good night’s sleep. A shower. A long massage. A juicy slice of fruit. A crispy salad. To re-fresh, fresh it up, freshen. It’s not too hard to extend that physical refreshment to our environment and visuals. Clean the house. Flowers in a vase. Wash the windows. Change the sheets.

But what about a stale brain? Luckily, a physical refresh and an environmental one often pulls the tired mind along, refreshing our thinking just because the place has been dusted and there’s cucumber water in the fridge. Other times? Not so much. The sheets are cool and clean but the brain remains cluttered and agitated.

  • Are you there? Word of advice: stop watching Netflix. Don’t even read. Ditch the words. Go see. See some art, see some dancing, do some dancing, smell the flowers, literally. Go outside at night and look up. Empty your brain, fill your senses, just stop for a day or three or a week or so.

That feels better.