The Bigsley Project 

Short Synopsis

Boutique firm Favorite Son will be closing its fancy doors if the team can’t land the Bigsley project. With the boss, Joe, holed up in his office weaving an epic paper clip chain, it falls to assistant Mary to crack the whip. Second-banana Bob takes his shot at glory, alternately aided and sabotaged by third-banana Sue and hapless associates Karen and Tom. Together they wow Mr. Bigsley with a desperate pitch that is anything but PowerPoint.

 Full Synopsis

Boutique firm Favorite Son is going after the Bigsley account, and they’d better get it. Boss Joe may wear perfect suits and commute to work down the Hudson by kayak, but under the glossy surface, the firm is seriously ailing. Assistant Mary conceals the fact that the deli has cancelled their account for non-payment—again—but no one is immune to the urgency surrounding the latest mission. The team preps to travel to Bigsley’s Chicago headquarters at week’s end and Joe lights a fire under everyone by declaring their work so far substandard and demanding a new deck and a fresh approach by 2 p.m.

Bigsley ups the ante when his firm calls before 9 a.m. to say he’ll be stopping by next morning on his way to London, drastically reducing the timetable and sowing well-founded fears that Favorite Son’s bid has been reduced to a courtesy call. Joe reacts by plunging into depression, locking his door, and weaving an epic paper clip chain. Ever-deferential second-banana Bob gets his shot at glory, rallying the rest of the team, with Mary’s help, to create something that will wow Mr. Bigsley and secure their futures for another season.

Third-banana Sue is not having it. Passed over, patronized, and thanked instead of rewarded, she is in no mood to play a supporting role. Bob desperately needs her to pull off a sales miracle, and she plays as hard as she can to secure not only the account, but her proper recognition if they win.

Lowly associates Karen and Tom attempt to help but are more focused on their fresh romance and avoiding Sue’s towering ire.

The team pulls themselves together, pastes on a collective happy face, and presents what amounts to a circus act to a dumbfounded Mr. Bigsley, sealing the deal with his favorite sweet potato fries. Favorite Son survives to fight another day. They may have sacrificed their dignity, their relationships, and every ounce of their passion and energy, but at the end of the day: They Still Have Jobs.